Byte vs Braces: How To Choose the Right One?

There is no better investment to make in yourself than investing in a beautiful smile. Suppose you have been self-conscious or feeling insecure about the appearance of your teeth. In that case, you may have been considering several different straightening options. If this sounds like you, then you have probably also heard about the new at-home, custom straightening kits such as byte.

Byte is a professionally developed alternative to traditional braces that uses a series of custom-made aligners to fit your unique teeth. Makers of byte claim that this teeth straightening method will make your teeth straighter and give you a brighter, healthier smile without ever stepping foot in a dentist’s office.

So how does an at-home system of aligners compare to traditional braces? This article will take an in-depth look at byte vs braces and which option is right for you and your wallet.

What Makes byte the Best Alternative to Braces?

Byte Aligners are Invisible

These days, traditional braces are not fashionable, and hardly any adults or teens for that matter, want to be seen with a mouth full of metal.

Compared to traditional braces, which use wires and anchors, the byte system uses clear aligners, making them virtually invisible when being worn. Additionally, these aligners are made using BPA-free, medical-grade polymer film, making them more comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional braces, you will hardly notice you are wearing anything on your teeth, and you can live confidently and comfortably.

Byte is a Cheaper Alternative to Braces

When considering teeth-straightening procedures, many people are immediately worried about the price. Traditional braces can indeed be quite expensive. In most cases, braces can cost anywhere between 5,000 and $6,000, depending on the treatment’s extent.

With byte, the full set of aligners only cost $1,895. This set even includes the HyperByte, which uses ultrasonic frequencies to set teeth quicker at the root. Byte doesn’t require a down payment, and there are even payment plans available.

Byte vs Braces: Is byte Faster than Braces?

Many people ask the question: “How fast is byte compared to braces?”

Compared to the long and drawn-out process of adjusting braces and visiting the orthodontist every month, byte wins hands down. While traditional braces take anywhere from 18 months to three years to complete, the byte process can be completed in as little as five months. Thanks to  HyperByte technology, treatment time can be reduced by an incredible 50%.

The HypperByte device harnesses the power of ultra-high frequencies to penetrate your teeth’ roots and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your treatment. The HyperByte also has the added benefit of making the entire process more comfortable by allowing the aligners to fit better.

The device itself is fully portable and rechargeable. To use the HyperByte, place it in between your teeth with your aligners on, and bit down gently. Once activated, the gentle micro-pulses will be and then shut off automatically after five minutes of use.

Byte Was Created by a Trusted Doctor

Sure there are plenty of trustworthy dentists and orthodontists out there that do an excellent job. Still, some should be avoided. With the byte system, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of finding a traditional dental expert to align your teeth as it was developed and created by a doctor that has already proven that his methods work.

The byte’s creator goes by the name Dr. Jon Marashi. He is responsible for the technology that is cutting alignment time in half. His highly personalized approach has led him to produce a fully customizable system and works on even moderately crooked smiles. His advancements have earned him a loyal following from celebrities to prominent business leaders alike.

With Dr. Marashi’s proprietary system, you can guarantee results without all of the dentist’s painful visits or the uncomfortable mouthguard that comes with wearing braces.

Additionally, the expert dental analysts at byte do not consider teeth alignment when developing the custom aligners. They also consider the overall proportion of the patient’s face to create a smile that will compliment their symmetry naturally.

Your Smile is Easy to Maintain

Once your byte treatment is complete, you can move onto the next step: the customized retainers. The retainers are also included in the byte system and will make sure your teeth stay in place.

Unlike traditional retainers, these retainers are only worn at night and will be shipped to your door every six months.

If you have been looking for the perfect way to straighten your smile and boost your confidence, traditional braces can be a hassle. In six months or less, the byte system can transform your teeth and make you feel both more comfortable and confident. With all of the byte’s added features and the low cost compared to braces, byte is the best alternative teeth straightening method today.


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